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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Photoprint Swimwear

I am totally having a moment with photoprint swimwear, and no one is nailing it quite like the designers over at We Are Handsome. I mean check out these images from their 2012 lookbook: 

We Are Handsome

As gorgeous as these suits are they start at around $200, which I was having a hard time dealing with emotionally when I saw this suit in 'blurry floral' by Victoria's Secret. I think it mimics the photoprint style pretty well and for a fraction of the price at $60 I'd call it a steal. 


  1. Hi, do you know where I can get the spare straps for the above bikini? Victorais secret doesnt stock them anymore! Please help!

    1. Great question, if Victoria's Secret isn't stocking them anymore I would check to see if VS is selling the straps for any of their other suits. You may be able to find a strap in a similar or contrasting color. You could also check on ebay if anyone is selling the suit, you could direct message the seller and ask if they will sell you just the strap - it doesn't hurt to ask - Good Luck!